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Metrologic MS7220  

MS7220 Argus



MS7220 Argus SCAN ™ is an aggres-sive omnidirectional laser bar code scanner. It has a large, high-speed scan area. Available with four stand configurations, Argus SCAN is adaptable to a variety of applications.


Product Features

 Fully automatic scanning operation

 Modular mounting with four stand Configurations

 RS232 auxiliary port for adding peripherals

 User-replaceable cables

 Easy to set up and configure

 Custom data editing using Bits ‘n’ Pieces®

 Useful test mode for quick and optimal installation

 Programmable depth of field

 Compatible with OPOS systems


Metrologic’s MS7220 Argus SCAN is an aggressive omnidirectional laser bar code scanner ideal for retail, convenience, liquor, grocery and specialty stores. Because it is engineered with a large, high-speed scan area and a bright 650 nm laser, Argus SCAN boasts exceptionally high first pass read accuracy for maximum productivity.


Offering four stand configurations, the Argus SCAN is adaptable to a variety of applications. The modular design allows it to be mounted either horizontally or vertically. An optional flex-stand can be added, raising the scanner an additional 76 mm (3”) off the counter top. Combine this with the MS7220’s programmable depth of field, and Argus SCAN can be customized to meet the requirements of even the most unique scanning environment.


Multiple interfaces and data parsing make the Argus SCAN compatible with most cash registers right out of the box, and the RS232 auxiliary port allows for check readers, magstripe readers or bar code scanner input. Simply plug a Metrologic hand-held scanner into the auxiliary port for scanning bulky or heavy items.


The MS7220 Argus SCAN is MetroSet ® 2,MetroSelect ® and MetrOPOS®compatible, making configuration easy. And the MS7220’s compatibility with Metrologic’s PowerLink user replaceable cables allows users to quickly replace damaged cables.


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