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Time:2012/2/23 上午 11:08:28
 Scanhero launched wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner SL6331 which has the longest communication distance among Bluetooth basestation and scanners,the signal can even penetrate the middle of the glass door,you can read any of your desired barcode information in the range of 100 meters(Open space) with the Bluetooth function,is simple to get started,easy to operate,lightweight .and fully ergonomic.Therefore,SL6331BT Bluetooth wireless barcode reader is definitely the most appropriate barcode reading machin.In addition,SL6331BT provides a standard driver in the operating system allows you to easily install and use.Applicable to a variety of retail,logistics,transportation,warehousing and factories.The SL6331BT pairs the quality of an industry-leading product with an attractive price point,which is especially important for customers.
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