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USA Barcode verifier with stabilized power supply unit arrived
Time:2018/11/19 上午 11:28:10
USA RJS Barcode verifier upgraded version, supporting rechargeable batteries and precision, professional, stabilized power supply End users no longer need to worry about replacing batteries. Because Barcode verifier is precision equipment, it has a very high demand for the quality of power supply. Ordinary switching mode power supply will not only affect the accuracy of test results, but also may cause equipment damage. EU mode is 220V, US mode is 110V. When customers want to buy the unit with power supply, different power supply mode need to be chosen according to the voltage situation in the user’s area. If using ordinary alkaline batteries, it is very important to replace batteries on a regular basis. When the verifier is not used for a long time, the batteries need to be taken out so as to avoid the batteries failure cause the alkaline liquids flow out, which will make the equipment broken circuit or short-circuit.
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