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Hong Kong Scanhero Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company set up early in HongKong. It has established the strategic cooperative relationship with the world-famous barcode equipment company Honeywell. Now Hongkong Scanhero Technology Co.,Ltd has become the only VAD (Value Added Distributor) of HONEYWELL in Hongkong, who is the first-level agent of Honeywell series products such as laser-scanning gun, laser-scanning platform, imagining scanning gun, and terminals. Moreover, it is also the general agent of SCANHERO,YOUJIE and RJS. Devoted to the sales, research, development, manufacture, and application of barcode equipment and solution, Hong Kong Scanhero Technology Co., Ltd takes the principle of supplying tech service and excellent after-sale service to all the customers.

The code business:
(1) Auto ID business: Agent of world famous brand Honeywell (USA) laser bar code scanner, laser bar code scanning platform and series of video scan gun, series barcode terminals,and bar code portable terminal; Taiwan Semiconductor TSC Series barcode printer Japan CASIO series barcode portable terminals, Scanhero series barcode readers, printers, consumables, etc..

(2) Pos systematic collection business: Provide high-performance "BARCODE" POS systems related hardware and a variety of magnetic card, IC card reading equipment, professional POS software (it can be generic versions, or customized version), commercial information management systems.

(3) Solution plan business: Integrated operating level data collection, processing and information systems / pipeline management. Through the promotion of information flow, improve logistics speed and reduced strength, increased efficiency, thereby increasing the profit, mainly active in logistics, postal, government, large factories and other areas.

(4) High-technique products business: Using its own technological strength, independently develop SCANHERO series bar code reader, many of whose technical indicators have reached and exceeded the international similar products, With stable performance, preferable price, bar code scanning equipment is your first choice.

Our achievement and development are from the understanding and support of every client. We firmly believe, in future, our company will grow stronger with our customers together and our technique will be improved gradually. We sincerely hope that we can create much more value for the customers through our high-quality services.

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