Approaching battery-free technology, we will take you to explore the new favorite in the smart home industry -

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Simple, luxurious and ingenious. Single zero fire traditional smart switch, battery-free wireless smart switch is so obvious .

Smart Lighting

ceiling light, dimmer light, down light, spot light, RGB color light, colorful world, self-awareness of cold and warm.

Smart Shading

Smart Curtains, Smart window pusher. Automatically open the window in sunny days and automatically close the window in rainy days. The world knows you even if no one knows you.

Smart Security

Visual smart door lock, door magnetic sensor, human body sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, smart Camera. Taking care of the family every day

Video Entertainment

Background music center control, small touch screen, ceiling speakers. The silent world needs music to accompany, and there is music. In the mood.

Smart Appliances

TV control, air conditioner control, robot vacuum cleaner, clothes drying rack, smart mirror, smart shoe cabinet. Healthier and more comfortable life.

Energy Management

Smart socket, on-off device, water valve. Efficient management of household energy, saving energy and worry.

Special introduction to battery-free products:

Batteryless wireless switch.No wiring required, No batteries required, power is generated at the touch of a fingertip, providing a permanent power supply for switches.

Worry, money, green and safe, durable for 30 years. span>

Batteryless Doorbell

No battery emergency button

Cairic is the most comprehensive brand in China that applies battery-free technology to the whole-house smart field. Its products cover smart homes and smart real estate. , smart hotels, and smart agriculture.

(Smart Family)

(ChiHui Hotel)

(Smart Real Estate)

(Smart Agriculture)

Future Preview:

Walk into Carrick and explore your fans The core technology of Carrick.

Battery Free Technology Special

 " ALLN" Protocol Special