New Listing! RJS D5000 L Inspector 5000 Laser Barcode Verifier D5000L

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 The Inspector 5000 Laser Calibrator offers a traditional method of point and shoot and also includes ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 decodable parameter levels.This unique portable barcode validator can interface with a laser scanner or the patented RJS automatic optical scan head. Storage and printing functions, multi-scan averaging and sub-symbol selection are easy through a simple seven-button user interface with a large color LCD display.The scanner is easy to install by the user, which allows the unit to quickly adapt to the actual any verification needs.

Inspector 5000 is the industry's most flexible and the latest traditional barcode verifiers. This unit comes with your choice of a conventional laser scanner for point-and-shoot simplicity or an optional patented automatic optical scan Head four aperture sizes and two wavelengths (eight different optical configurations). Print reports can also be generated using an optional direct printer or VCIR PC software.

This flexible and economical unit is also easy to use and supports all popular linear sym- bologies.The RJS Inspector 5000 provides storage and printing capabilities, multi-scan averaging, and subsymbol selection—all via a Simple seven-button interface for easy access.Barcode analysis information appears instantly on the large color liquid crystal display (LCD), clearly audible The incoming sound and pass/fail screen indicate if the barcode is within or out of specification.Detailed troubleshooting with color-coded result fields and simple on-screen information.


Point-and-shoot traditional verification method (requires CR3 scanner)

Compliant with ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 certification methods (requires optional automatic optical scanner)< /span>

Automatic optical scan head, allowing menu selection of four aperture sizes and two wavelengths

Detailed data content and barcode encoding test and result information (most importantly GS1-128 barcode )

Automatically distinguish all popular symbols

Two scan span>

Large color LCD display

Narrow bar width calculator

Integrated lithium-ion battery

Field upgradeable firmware (free lifetime software upgrade)

Searchable database storage (1,000 inspection records)