Warm congratulations to SCANHERO for becoming the agent of CINO in mainland China and Hong Kong

Read : 2037Release time : 09/29Publisher:Bakud

Congratulations to SCANHERO for establishing a long-term strategic partnership with CINO, a well-known brand in Taiwan, and becoming the agent of CINO's full range of products in mainland China and Hong Kong. The introduction of CINO has injected new blood into SCANHERO.
CINO has been committed to the design and manufacture of automatic identification and data collection related products for more than 20 years, and is sold worldwide under the CINO brand. So far, it has sales channel partners in more than 60 countries. In addition, it provides ODM services to more than 25 world-renowned companies.

     CINO has a number of core technologies, including micro-electromechanical control, opto-electromechanical control, embedded operating system, precision optics, image processing, application-specific integrated circuits and wireless communication technology. The products provided cover six major product lines: micro barcode scanning engines (image and laser), industrial-grade fixed barcode scanners, image and laser barcode scanners, long-distance wireless barcode scanners, and rugged portable barcodes Printers and mobile data acquisition terminals.
SCANHEROhas been adhering to the enterprise spirit of forging ahead and developing continuously. We believe that the cooperation between SCANHERO and CINO will open up a new world in the barcode industry and create a better tomorrow together.