The development of the times and the advancement of technology have brought many changes to life, especially at the moment of technological progress, whole-house intelligence has become a widely favored decoration choice. The whole house intelligence also slowly penetrates into life.

When you return home at night, place your finger on the fingerprint recognition area of the smart door lock,< span style="font-size:16px;">With the rotating sound of the motor and the flickering of the numeric keyboard,The door was pushed open by us. After the door is opened, the aisle lights and ceiling lights will automatically turn on. When you come to the living room, the smart curtain motor will automatically open the curtains of the living room, so that the night view of the city is reflected in the house, and everything seems so calm.

Turn on the TV with a beep, the TV series will automatically open, and adjust to the corresponding TV channel according to the instructions.

Voice assistants in the room such as Tmall Genie, Baidu’s "Xiaodu"can be connected The gateway realizes voice control, such as the TV, curtains, background music, lighting, air conditioning, and the room's scene mode in the guest room.

Sometimes surprises don’t need too much, just a warm dinner is enough. Smart lights help candlelight dinners. 

When you go to bed, you only need to press the sleep mode, you can turn off all the lights with one button, leaving only the lights under the bed, and play the light music exclusively produced by experts to accompany you to sleep. You don't need to turn on the lights when you wake up at night. You can see obstacles on the ground through the lights under the bed. When you walk to the door of the bathroom, the corridor lights and bathroom lights will automatically light up to illuminate everything for you.

More other requirements can be set freely.

Leave home to work, close the door, the room will automatically turn on the security mode, the door magnetic body sensor will automatically turn on, the sweeping robot will start cleaning the house, and the camera will automatically record the entire house environment. To escort property safety.