The pace of urban life is changing fast, and smart apartments are slowly becoming the choice of urban white-collar workers. Having a smart and warm home is the best thing everyone can give to themselves after work award.

The smart apartment has the following characteristics:

More efficient rental process
After the tenant completes the check-in process through the customer control management platform and WeChat client, the check-in will be automatically authorized, and the check-out will automatically recover the renting authority. At the same time, the tenant can also grant the visitor temporary permission to open the door. When the rent is arrears, the permission will be suspended and the tenant cannot open the door. The monthly smart water and electricity meter automatically generates bills, the arrears will be automatically disabled, and the system will also automatically detect risks such as theft of electricity. When the tenant withdraws from the rent, just change the password.

A more convenient check-in experience, no key, fingerprint or smart phone check-in
No key required, use fingerprint or password to enter the room. When we have completed the check-in information registration, we can use the fingerprint identification system to realize fingerprint unlocking. It can also be unlocked intelligently by the program on the mobile phone.

Smarter voice control, you can talk about everything you want
Voice assistants in the apartment, such as Tmall Genie and Baidu’s "Xiaodu", can be connected to the gateway to achieve voice control, such as the TV, curtains, and background music in the apartment , lighting, air conditioning, room scene modes, etc.

Smart gateway or smart central control screen perfect control
When guests check in and enter the room, the gateway will automatically adjust the scene according to the previous settings of the apartment, turn on the lights everywhere, open the thick curtains, and play comfortable music to welcome the guests.
When you go to bed, you only need to press the sleep mode to turn off all the lights with one button, leaving only the lights under the bed, and playing expert exclusive light music to accompany you to sleep. You don't need to turn on the lights when you wake up at night. You can see obstacles on the ground through the lights under the bed. When you walk to the door of the bathroom, the corridor lights and bathroom lights will automatically light up to illuminate everything for you.
More other requirements can be set freely.