Don’t worry about the elderly at home alone? Wisdom pension will help you.

The elderly are prone to several situations at home alone:
1. When the elderly have an accident, they cannot ask the outside for help.
2. When the elderly suddenly fainted and fell, no one noticed that they missed the best time to help.

Smart elderly care provides 24-hour real-time protection, infrared sensing and smart monitors monitor the location of the elderly in real time. If there is no presence in the range for a long time or if the elderly does not move for a long time, an early warning will be issued ;

Strong voice recognition, voice assistants such as Tmall Genie and Baidu’s "Xiaodu" can connect to the gateway to achieve voice control, such as the TV, curtains, and background in the room music, lighting, air-conditioning, etc., to avoid the troubles of the elderly caused by the inconvenience of mobility;

The SOS alarm provides one-click alarms, and one-click connects relatives in case of danger, so life is worry-free;

At night when the elderly get out of bed and wake up at night, the lights will be turned on automatically to avoid collision and injury caused by the dark. Some danger;

The Chengyue Smart Elderly Care System focuses on building "call for assistance, home care, and health services" to make life more convenient for the elderly and make relatives feel more at ease.