Smart from cities to rural areas, agriculture has also entered the road of smart development, Chengyue Smart Agriculture System, remote linkage control and control equipment, freely set the daily light and watering conditions, allowing you Have the hand of God controlled by the air.

Remote monitoring of the environment of the greenhouse site to prevent the loss of crops caused by the entry of people or animals.

Use the Internet of Things technology to monitor the interior of the greenhouse in real time, collect data on the environment such as air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, and illuminance, and feed it back to your mobile phone in real time. It allows you to analyze the current status of the land, make real-time warnings, and automatically start the operation of low-light water valves, exhaust fans, humidifiers and other equipment to perform precise and intelligent irrigation, so that the environment in the greenhouse is the most suitable for the growth of crops to achieve refined management. Realize true smart agriculture.