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How to break though the 3D printing era for making with wisdom in China?
Time:22/7/2015 13:26:34
In 2012, 3d printing hot; In 2013, the robot the hottest; In 2014, 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing industrial hot. In 2015, what is the hottest?
May be Google robot, Google self-driving car, may be our 3d printing...
No matter what the hottest is, 3d printing, robot, intelligent manufacturing will be an eternal subject of the future development in science and technology. Recently, the Google driverless cars, Google robots have achieved many technological breakthrough. Google driverless cars have safe driving 1 million km, no safety accident, which show that unmanned driving technology will gradually become possible in future. Unmanned driving, however, is not an end, just a direction of the scientific and technological innovation. Unmanned although is very convenient, but will not replace traditional manned. Driving, after all, sometimes is also a rare pleasure. All Google robot have exceeded the technology and level of the past four robot, humanoid robot is by far the most flexible with human functions.
In the next few years, driverless cars, humanoid robots, 3d printing, as the development direction of intelligent manufacturing, will become the new normal thing.
Driverless cars will be mature in the next 10 years, and will lead the future direction of development in new smart car industry. Now "robot" we often speak of, actually is not in the true sense of the robot, still stays in the "machine" stage, does not have man's thinking ability, analytical ability, judgment ability, operation ability. And future robots, it is not only a machine, also will be given one more wisdom. Intelligent robots in the near future will become the hot spots, can be to participate in the activities of human being more and more widely.
3d printing will no longer print only some of the toys, gifts, mould model, print all kinds of functional products will no longer be affected by the material, the stability, precision and time constraints. In the next 10 years, under the background of intelligent manufacturing large, we can hardly see the shadow of the 3 d printer.3 d printing will no longer be just running a desktop printer objective existence, but a part of the open service platform.
Intelligent manufacture of the essence or the crystallization of information technology and Internet technology, is the Internet of things, big data, the depth of the cloud computing technology, intelligent materials technology application and breakthrough.
There is no end in intelligent manufacturing, is only the beginning. Intelligent manufacturing in some areas, That has already begun. Human society will generally in 10 years or so into the era of intelligent manufacturing.
The Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, smart materials, are traditional manufacturing technology transformation and upgrading of the necessary tools and auxiliary means.
With the Internet, the Internet of things can happen, the industry of Internet, the Internet industry, Internet service, finance, the Internet, its essence is the depth of penetration of the Internet and industry-specific, substantial change isn't the Internet.
3 d printing can print out the solid objects is only the first step. Able to print out the functional products is the second step across, with big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, smart materials, artificial intelligence technology and other advanced technology integration development, become a part of the many intelligent service platform, has the ability of speech recognition, information processing, it is the third crossing, which is 3.0 times of 3 d printing.
Determines the characteristics of 3 d printing is not an alternative strong technology, therefore, the development of 3 d printing can't follow the traditional path of manufacturing, production equipment to sell equipment - the road is clearly no. At present, the business model of the single 3 d printing, need more attention from the industry.
To build more open application service platform is a effective the key to open the 3 d printing application service market magic weapon.3 d printing cost is too high generally, equipment suppliers and materials will cost risk onto the model needs to constantly adjust of users. Equipment, materials, and supporting service providers how to tie them, establish strategic alliance, cost reduction and risk reduction, is the inevitable trend. Only users really benefit, industry development chance.
The key to the development of 3 d printing industry in the application, who was the first to open the application of 3 d printing in the future market, who is likely to lead the development of 3 d printing industry in the future.
On November 9, 2014, I held in San Francisco's first world conference on 3d printing on the summit of the American for the first time put forward the concept of "the 3d printing 3.0 era. 3 d printing as a frontier of advanced manufacturing technology, has drawn wide attention from all sectors of society, and successfully applied to the production of every aspect of life.
The first generation of 3 d printer was born in the 1980 s, mainly to print model is given priority to, to the late, and given priority to development mould, gradually evolved into rapid phototyping. The second generation of 3d printers are in recent years by rapid prototyping development to print out the high accuracy of functional products, and is widely applied in aerospace and other fields. The third generation of 3d printers have been born in the next 10 years, under the background of intelligent manufacturing, 3 d printing technology and the technology of Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, many advanced technology such as robots, intelligent materials, become a part of a number of intelligent manufacturing platform.
Overall, 3d printing is 2.0 times than 1.0 mature many, both technical and material, cost and operability, application, etc. All aspects have improved greatly. But, there is no denying that we, intelligent manufacturing has become the inevitable trend of the development of manufacturing in the traditional technology and the traditional industry with the Internet, the Internet of things, the integration of geographical information network more closely.
In the era of intelligent manufacturing, personalized custom services will become the normal, all kinds of factors of production and the integration of resources will rise to a new level.3 d printing 3.0 will play an important in the process of intelligent manufacturing in the future to lead and support role.
Technological progress and innovation will be a long-term business, we can't stop by today and need keep working harder by tomorrow! Hope our global 3 d printing industry could cooperate hand in hand, jointly promoting the coming of the era of 3 d printing 3.0!

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